About KWE


  • My facility and I are fully licensed in the state of Florida.
  • I am a CPE, Certified Professional Electrologist. This is the highest credential in the electrolysis profession.
  • In order to keep absolutely current in my field, I attend the American Electrology Association annual national convention every year.
  • I take continuing education courses every year, well beyond the required 20 hours of continuing education credits we are required to take each two years.
  • At Key West Electrolysis, we use the newest, highest rated machine in the world, the Apilus Platinum Pure 27 MHz. It increases the effectiveness of electrolysis permanency, gives jaw-dropping results and decreases any reaction you may have to treatment.
  • Not only do we use the finest electrolysis machine on the market, I also routinely visit Dectro, the manufacturer, for education on electrolysis advancements resulting from their research.
  • To increase your level of comfort, your treatment may be performed as you lie on a Biomat 7000. This maximizes your comfort through the use of heated amethyst crystals, which activate deep body-penetrating healing properties.
  • Your after-treatment care includes calming electrophoresis and the application of emu oil to speed cell repair.